Our New Government and How Two of Their Issues Are in Direct Conflict with God

Our Old Government and How Two of Their Issues Are in Direct Conflict with God

Barak Obama is now the 44th President of the United States of America. He was not my first choice as there are quite a few issues that I had with him. Contrary to what some may think race is not one of them. As an American I do believe that he should be respected as the leader of the free world. I do thing the occasional joke is ok though as with all politicians. There are people saying that he is not “My President”, but that is just nonsense. I must say I am a bit concerned about a couple things that I noticed from the start about him.

I actually got the idea for this article speaking with a friend of mine over lunch the other day. America was so discontented by the failures of President George Bush that several people could have been elected that would not stand the chance of a snowball in hell in a normal situation. The first thing that I found interesting is that he is the first president coming into office openly supporting abortion, which is the deliberate killing of a human life. I will save the debate on if it is right or wrong for another article. I am sure I will be writing it while Obama is in office. He also holds the distinction of being the only President to come into office openly advocating gay rights.

I personally think that Barak Obama is a pretty nice guy and would probably enjoy chatting with him over a cup of coffee, but I wonder what God would think of him. He does profess to be a Christian and made sure people understood that he was not a Muslim, even though his father was. So he is in favor of getting rid of don’t ask don’t tell and wants to allow abortion on demand instead of teaching responsibility for one’s actions. While reading the Bible I recall the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God was not happy with the sins of the city and decided to lay them to ashes giving his position on the issue of homosexuality.

President Obama could always reverse course on his opinions on these issues. If he does he will feel the wrath of those groups who blindly supported him in his quest to get elected. If he stays with what he said when he was running, then God will be displeased and the wager of sin is death. I am sure he will not die, unlike the innocent babies, but it is a figure of speech.

His vice-president, Joe Biden is supposed to be Roman Catholic, yet he supports abortion and these pro-gay initiatives. How can he be Catholic if he goes against the teachings of the church? This sounds pretty hypocritical to me. If he cannot follow the laws of God, then how can people believe that he can believe in the laws of man?

Nancy Pelosi is another one in power now. She also claims to be catholic and have family values. IF she does how can she advocate the murder of innocent children and support the gay agenda of redefining marriage. It has always been between as man and woman. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, yet the three stooges and most of the kiss tail liberal government seek to push these regulations though the government of a country that is supposed to be “One Nation under God”. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy? How can you claim to be Christian and yet go against key foundations of the religion? This makes no sense to me. I hope they prey and ask for God’s forgiveness for their wicked ways.

This is a political rant and totally my opinion based on some ideas that I have thought of. By all means I do not believe that people should have to have babies when they are raped or in danger to their life. Nor do I believe that homosexuals are bad people. I pray for the souls of them every night.