Awesome Animation + Awesome Dance= Awesomesauce

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

From the director/animator:

Conte Animated is a personal project of mine that combines several art forms into one exhibition. These concepts include the following:

  1. The exploration of the drawing the human figure in a variety of creative approaches.  This stems from years of teaching creative gesture drawing.
  2. 2d Animation.  This process of animation revisits the passion in my early career as a 2d animator. The illusion of life!
  3. Contemporary dance.  Although I am not a dancer, I appreciate the talent and dedication that goes into a beautifully choreographed piece.  A graceful moving human form can communicate more emotion that any length of dialogue.
  4. and finally, the exploration of experimental processes and concepts contributes to my own personal growth as an artist.  Having worked commercially for years, this project has allowed me to stretch beyond my former understanding of art.

View Ryan Woodward's site here.

Submitted by Glen (@HermitHomeboy)

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