Lost Creator's Time Travel Short starring THOR!

Before Damon Lindelof ever dreamed up any time travelling epsiode of Lost with fellow showrunner Carlton Cuse, he was a writer on Crossing Jordan, where he met Cuse.  But to get that job he wrote a One-Act Play called Ollie Klublershturf vs. The Nazis to impress Carlton Cuse.  It was later made into this clever short (featuring THOR himself, Chris Hemsworth)...enjoy:

“Ollie” is the one-act play Lindelof specifically wrote to try and impress Carlton Cuse. The story goes that Cuse was talking to Damon’s agent, and he asked the agent if there was anything he could read, and the agent gets back to him a few days later and says there’s a one-act play he can read. 

Cuse was impressed, stating that the pages “were funny and well-written.” So, that got Lindelof in the room with Cuse, and they immediately hit it off and the rest is presumably history. But, here’s the kicker, according to Cuse, “Little did I know that Damon wrote this original material for the purpose of the meeting.” 

from ScriptShadow

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