Top 50 Projects for Science Fairs in 2017

Top 50 Projects for Science Fairs in 2017

Science is exciting and the opportunity to show off what you’ve learned only comes once a year. Here are the top 50 science experiments to impress those judges.

1.) Volcanoes.

This science experiment has been done many times but never fails to receive good grades, even if there’s a mess. In fact, if there’s no mess, the grade is likely to be much lower.

2.) Mice experiments.

3.) The solar system

Set up to rotate, the solar system is classic as a science project but it’s been done so many times, you will have a hard time finding a unique way to do it for top marks.

4.) Mold projects.

5.) Biology projects.

6.) Gravity experiments.

Projects that demonstrate one of the law of gravity are another classic that goes over well. Avoid dropping two objects from a ledge and calling it good. It’s been done too many times.

7.) Behavioral projects.

8.) Growth Projects.

9.) Making an electric current.

This is a science project that wins top marks when done correctly and there are many online manuals that will show you exactly how to do it.

10.) Making a battery.

11.) Magnetic projects.

12.) Chemical projects.

Be careful with these projects for science and use them to create reactions and effects that change color and smoke. Always a crowd pleaser.

13.) Electrical projects.

14.) DNA projects.

15.) Alternative fuels projects.

16.) Alternative energies projects.

17.) Create an engine.

18.) Trash reduction projects.

Perfect as a science project, this is also good for the environment and may earn you national or world awards in conservation and inventions.

19.) Any Recycling experiment.

20.) Solar projects, especially those which show plant growth.

21.) Projects with Wind, like creating an electric generating windmill.

22.) Water projects, such as a wave machine.

23.) Making a go-cart.

24.) Making a small car.

More complicated, this science project is for more advanced fairs and contests and will require help from teachers that may be against the rules. Check first.

25.) Make an airplane that flies.

26.) Make a boat that sails.

27.) Decay projects.

Studying how trash decays is something governments spend a lot of money and time on each year. Find a way to make it degrade faster.

28.) Evolution projects.

29.) Erosion studies.

30.) Nature comparisons.

31.) Pollution effects studies.

32.) Worm and ant farms.

33.) Insect colony construction and management.

34.) Lifestyle and phycology projects.

People are always interested in learning what makes us tick. Great as a science project. Compare how the traits of your family have evolved or changed over the generations.

35.) Humidity and air pressure experiments.

36.) Make a rain gauge.

37.) Make a wind gauge.

38.) Sound projects.

39.) Reflective projects.

40.) Making a machine.

The more it can do, the more complex it is, the better marks it will get. Try creating something remotely controlled that is useful around your home.

41.) Breeding and hybrid projects.

43.) Quality, worth studies, comparisons.

44.) Disaster simulation.

Try setting up a small model of an earthquake that causes a tsunami. Be as realistic as possible but still respectful of past and future tragedies.

45.) Northern lights, solar radiation studies.

46.) Speed of sound and light projects.

47.) Astronomy projects.

48.) Make a lightbulb come on.

49.) Archeology projects.

50.) Radioactivity experiments. Another project that should be done carefully.

The best science project is the one that allows you to express your passions. Choose by that standard and you’ll do well.

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